Dressing Medea – Mr Pearl

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Dressing Medea – Mr Pearl

My inspiration for this costume revolves around the body, but further; in an appreciation of the extreme formal approach to theatre comprised in the art of Kabuki.

With the stage stripped bare, the costume also functions as ‘setting’, a kind of arena as well as adornment.

I have been admiring the work of François Testory since first seeing him perform in Lindsay Kemp’s Flowers. My desire to work on Medea stems from this first impression. Meanwhile a friendship and exchange has built. Francois has, at times, helped me construct my work in Haute Couture. I also saw Francois in the astonishing piece Sarrasine, by Neil Bartlett. You could say that the way Medea plots her revenge is almost like the way we three have circled each other up until this opportune point!

Intense meetings have happened and then we disperse to work in parallel. There is an exhilarating element of gamble.

There must be.

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